Monday, 9 January 2012

Super-smooth jumbo suffers super-strong turbulence

Passengers on board a Qantas A380 on Saturday suffered such severe impact from turbulence that four required hospital treatment. The Qantas flight, which was carrying 450 passengers was approximately three hours from Singapore when it entered a storm over Indian airspace and encountered severe turbulence. It is believed that those that were injured were those that were out of their seats at the time and when the air pocket hit.

It has today been reported that the same plane, QF32 is one of several planes which has small cracks on their wings. Australian  aircraft engineers have today called for all A380's to be grounded while they investigate the issue with the planes wings.

Airlines must surely be reluctant to admit to faults and raise further bad publicity surrounding the A380. This,  along with the disruption it could cause to place up to 853 passengers per plance on alternative aircraft would create a major headache for airline chiefs.