Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hilton Hotel's plan expansion and new jobs for 1,500 people

Hilton Hotel's have announced plans to open over 20 new hotels in the UK which will create jobs for 1,500 people. The move in Britain is part of a wider plan to open 110 new hotels across Europe by 2014.

Hilton have made plans for hotels in areas including Lincoln and Burton upon Trent. The property in Burton on Trent will sit alongside the new National Football Centre and the area will also see budget Hampton by Hilton operate from this site. 

Simon Vincent, Hilton's area president, Europe, said:  "While unemployment figures in Europe continue to rise, Hilton Worldwide is experiencing an exciting period of growth which will see us continue to offer a wealth of rewarding career options."

Business jet passengers receive extended APD reprieve

Despite the government introducing a hike in APD for commercial passengers, it has been revealed that those travelling by private jet will not have to pay Air Passenger Duty on aircraft until 2013.

The tax was due to be implemented in April 2012 but has now been moved to the following. Commenting on the news, The British Air Transport  ssociation which represents airlines such as Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and Ryanair described the move as 'unfair.'

Chief Executive Simon Buck said: “It is a year's grace for the wealthy man in the business jet, but for millions of people who cannot afford to fly by business jet, they will have to pay APD increases at twice the rate of inflation from April next year. How is that fair?”

What planet are you on George?