Thursday, 27 October 2011

easyJet to open Lisbon base

easyJet have today announced that they are to open its 23rd European base, in Lisbon. From next summer, the low cost carrier will operate five new services from Lisbon using two aircraft which will be based permanently at the airport.

The airline will fly on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from Lisbon to Amsterdam, Bourdeax and Asturias beginning from 18th April.On 19th April. easyJet will begin flights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Lisbon to Venice and Copenhagen. The services are focussed on business travellers and the early departure times have been set to reflect this.

Easyjet's customers and revenue director Catherine Lynn said the move “illustrates our long-term commitment to the market and it will enable us to grow our operations further. Along with significantly contributing to the local economy,our new base will also boost visitors to Lisbon - with over 2 million passengers travelling to and from Lisbon, and 4 million in and out of Portugal in the first year, all travelling with Easyjet."