Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Ryanair 'Cash Passport' attracts new criticism

Ryanair recently claimed to be helping customers avoid hefty card charges through the launch of its Cash Passport but new rules regarding the cards could well send customers over the edge.

One nasty caveat of the Cash Passport is that for customers who do not use their card for a period of six months, there is to be an inactivity fee of £2.50 each month. Furthermore, if you exceed your limit on the card or if your remaining charges are taken up by charges you will be charged an additional negative balance fee of £10. A flat fee of £2 would also apply to withdraw money from a cash machine with the card - fair enough regarding the final charge Mr. O'Leary.

But what do you all think regarding the other charges?

UK passengers to fly to Lanzarote on chip fat tomorrow

After much speculation it has been revealed that Thomson Airways is planning to fly passengers from Birmingham to Lanzarote using a mixture of fat and convential jet fuel in two seperate engines.

Thomson Airways has been required to undergo a strict testing process and the final clearance is expected today. The new development will see one engine topped up with 50% hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids with the remainder being 50% jet A1 fuel.

Thomson, along with several other airlines believe that biofuel has the potential to reduce aviation emissions by up to 80% in the long term.

Chris Browne, Managing Director of Thomson Airways said: 'Sustainable biofuels offer us the opportunity to improve our own individual environmental performance as well as contributing to the UK’s carbon reduction target.'