Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Second Ibiza forest fire now under control

A forest fire which swept across 115 hectares of Ibizan landscape has now been brought under control and virtually extinguished.

The fires began on Sunday afternoon to the north west of Cala Llonga and was luckily fanned away from the golf course and expensive property by strong winds across the coastal area. The fires lead to around 1000 people being evacuated from their homes and all roads surrounding the area to be closed.

At this stage it is believed that one home has been destroyed and two further properties have suffered significant damage with the pine forest suffering the worst of the effects.

Officials from the fire service and Guardia Civil are certain that the fire has been caused by negligence, possibly a barbeque as the fire started in a different manner to a natural fire.

It is the second fire of the summer but thankfully not as bad as the first which was the worst in Ibiza's history.

Qantas to trial iPad for in flight entertainment

Qantas is to begin a trial next month which will see passengers use iPads as a source for their in flight entertainment. The move will see passengers on board one Boeing 767-300 use wireless technology as an alternative to the standard TV in the rear of the seat in front.

Alison Webster of Qantas said: “We see this as potentially being a breakthrough capability to be able to give more choice and more flexibility to customers’ in-flight entertainment.”

The Qantas iPad's will be loaded with the airline's own Q Streaming app which has been developed to offer the entire in flight library which is currently available on the airlines super jumbo A380.

Qantas also believe that iPad's could become commonplace on board planes and that plane seats could be made without built in technology which would save weight and fuel costs in the long run.

Interesting stuff!