Monday, 1 August 2011

Tourists urged to vigilant in Crete after protests

The UK Foreign Office has warned travellers to be vigilant after protests at Heraklion Airport resulted in the police using teargas.The incident occured after a protest by taxing drivers into government plans to change their sector. The move by the greek government aims to increase competition in 135 professions in order to pay down the national debt. 

The Foreign Office said: "Visitors are advised to exercise caution when using the airport and to follow advice given by their tour operators."

Regular strikes and demonstrations are expected for the foreseeable future.

Expansion plans for Las Vegas ski resort

The owners of the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort have announced plans to add over 400 acres to its current site. The new site will include more trails and lifts, a hiking area and more retail space.

Kevin Stickleman, President of the ski resort said renovation is likely to be completed by 2020. The expansion scheme will bring around 400 new jobs and enough water storage to make mid size mountain runs. 

Inquiry finds human error to blame for Air France crash

An enquiry into the Air France crash in June 2009 has found human error to be at fault.

It is suggested that the junior pilots were not properly trained to deal with an emergency and the captain was on a rest break.

This was combined with it being in the middle of a tropical thunerstorm and when the captain returned, there was too much panic to resolve the problem.

The flight killed all 228 people on board.

The inquiries findings have been immediately rejected by Air France. The airline and Airbus are also likely to face manslaughter charges over the crash.